Miner 2149 is a prototype of a click-based mini-game I'm considering for use in a larger solar system exploration serious game for my astronomy classes.  My query and impetus for creating this prototype is whether a click-based resource-gathering mini-game could be fun, brief, and congruous with the goals of the larger game concept.  I would enjoy your feedback on the mechanics and aesthetics, and any bugs that you might find.  While I'm not overly concerned with the absolute fit and finish of this prototype, I always try to make things as polished and balanced as I can.

For this prototype, the player is not permitted a selection of asteroid types to mine, but the intention in the larger game context is to have the player choose appropriate object types throughout the solar system based on the type of resource required by the current mission.



Click on the Main Pulse Laser (MPL) button to harvest all material types from an asteroid: volatiles, minerals, and metals.
The Rock Liberating Laser (RLL) is a continuous laser that harvests minerals.
The Metal Liberating Laser (MLL) is a continuous laser that harvests metals.

Each laser generates heat while it is active.  If the laser gets too hot, it will shut down until it cools off sufficiently to resume operation.

Using mineral resources to upgrade a laser's power will improve that laser's ability to harvest resources.
Using metal resources to upgrade a laser's cooling system will allow it to dissipate heat more rapidly for less downtime.

Your excavator ship requires water in order to maintain a breathable atmosphere, and methane to provide electrical power.
Harvest these with the MPL.  If your ship runs out of both fuel and water for oxygen, you will die cold and alone.

Each mission has a target resource that you are to harvest.  Once the required type and amount of material is harvested, 
you can upgrade your excavator and proceed to the next mission.


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