Mostly Harmless

We are finally feature complete!  Is there more that we'd like to include in the game?  Sure there is.  There's a lot more; there always is.  We have to give our pitch presentation in less than two week's time, though, so if it isn't in the game now, it isn't going to be in the game.  There exists a path from the start of the game through to the victory condition via multiple gameplay choices, so we're happy with that.  This, afterall, is a short six-week prototype project, so Halo we are not.  We hope you have fun with our little adventure, though, and we welcome any feedback you have.  This coming week is bug hunting season for us. We believe we have found and eliminated all crash and critical bugs, but we're sure that we're missing some things and some errors.

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May 13, 2019

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