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The Story:

Your friend's daughter, Dorothie, has gone missing.  Your friend, a biologist, had gone into the bayou to investigate a new species of lizard she had heard rumors about, and took Dorothie with her.  That morning in the diner, you overhear the locals gossiping about how the lizard men were going to get them and sacrifice them to the swamp monster if they weren't careful.  What a bunch of nonsense.  Who would actually believe in real lizard men or swamp monsters?

Late that afternoon your friend returns without Dorothie and is shaken to the core relaying to you the same rumors you overheard in the diner.  She begs you to go look for her daughter, knowing your tracking prowess especially in the bayou.  You agree but think all the rumors are crazy.  It's probably just some moonshiners protecting their still ScoobyDoo style.


  • WSAD or Arrow for movement
  • Mouse to rotate/change look direction
  • Left Click to attack
  • SPACEBAR to jump
  • E to examine/pick up
  • F to turn flashlight on/off
  • P to pause/unpause and access settings menu

Stay under water too long and you run out of breath. Although there are no health kits or med packs, your health will slowly regenerate over time.

The Motivation:

This is a prototype project based on the theme "Kaiju" or "giant monster".  Feedback and bug reports are welcome.  Currently, I know the combat system is a bit dodgy and I can't get the water to look like I want it to, but I think the prototype fits the overall theme of the assignment.  It also let me explore some techniques in Unity that I hadn't had time to pursue previously.

Updated 6 days ago
Published 18 days ago
AuthorJ. Douglas Patterson
GenreAction, Survival
TagsAction-Adventure, bayou, kaiju, suspense, swamp

Install instructions

Download to a place of your choosing on your local machine, unzip and run BayouKaiju.exe.  That's it.  


BayouKaiju_PC_Build_v1-1-3.zip 227 MB

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