The basic mechanics of the tool are unchanged.  A lerp is a lerp.  The mathematics isn't difficult.  Wrapping my head around how the interface should be different for a web app versus an executable binary appears to have been too challenging, though. 

This recent version of the JCCC LERPs and Splines Demo cleans up the interface, getting rid of the useless Quit button.  A slider was added to the Layered Lerp demo so that one can select any value of the parameter, t, and see how the elements that feed into a cubic spline move.  The equations governing a lerp, quadratic spline, and cubic spline were added to the top center of their respective scenes, and the start, stop, and control points are now labeled A, B, C, and D so that one can relate the various points back to the displayed equation.

To demonstrate that lerps and splines aren't just for blending positions, but can be used to blend any parameter, we have included two new scenes for blending color.  The first is a lerp between two RGBA settings that can be defined by the user with a set of sliders.  The second is a quadratic spline between red (#FF0000), green (#00FF00), and blue (#0000FF).

If you have suggestions for future functionalities or for how we can improve this tool, please let us know.  


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May 18, 2019

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